Our Company History

Jay McDowell, the original owner of Perry Funding, began his career in financing in 1981. He focused on mortgage financing for close to 30 years. When the housing market crashed in 2007 he began to transition his focus on equipment and transportation financing. In 2010 Perry Funding LLC was launched. Over the years Jay created a culture that stressed integrity. He believed that business integrity is the highest calling of a business person. It leads to respect from your peers, your customers, your vendors, your associates and your community. Jay spent many years developing a reputation for integrity and business ethics with dozens of mortgage investors and funding sources nationwide. With the unexpected passing of Jay in 2018 and the transition of ownership to his right-hand Funding Manager, Colleen Rafferty, that exact mindset carries on today.

Although Jay’s gregarious personality is greatly missed, his core values carry on in each member of the Perry Funding team.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We pledge to provide the same level of service to our customers with very ugly credit as we do for our customers who have perfect credit.

We are committed to not waste your time, and we expect you to not waste ours.

We can tell very quickly if your deal is workable when we review your application and supporting paperwork and take a look at your credit history.

We will rush to give you an approval. However, if something turns up along the way to indicate that your deal is not going to work, we rush to give you that news also. We are big believers that “bad news does not get any better with age”.

We pledge the same quality of service to our customers with the $10,000 deal as we do to our customers with the $500,000 deal. We know that the need for a $10,000 funding has the same urgency to that customer as the need for a $500,000 funding has for that customer and we intend to wow both customers equally.

When you work with Perry Funding, you will always speak with a live, friendly person, never a computer.

Are you ready to finance the equipment that you need for YOUR business? Contact us today!

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